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Could be used for high temperature solar thermal applications, heating the water up to 130℃, suitable for the industrial process heating, hotels, hospitals, solar cooling, steam, etc.

The CPC U-pipe solar collector is certified by European Solar Keymark, with satisfactory annual energy yield, meanwhile the heat loss is much less.

The energy yield is comparatively higher in the cloudy and winter days, compared to other types of collectors, due to the equipment of the European CPC reflector, thus reducing the application of the backup traditional energy.

Short installation time due to the complete pre-assembly.

Product Characteristics

1. Using CPC reflector to enhance the efficiency

2. Using three target vacuum tube

3. Short installation times due to complete pre-assemble collectors

4. Extremely low heat loss due to the high vacuum

5. High energy yield in transitional period and winter

6. Big aperture area to collect more heat

The U-pipe CPC Solar Collector XL Series utilizes a U-shaped copper pipe design, which enhances heat transfer efficiency and ensures optimal performance. The CPC reflector helps to concentrate sunlight onto the absorber surface, increasing the heat absorption capacity of the collector.

Some of the key features and advantages of the U-pipe CPC Solar Collector XL Series include its high thermal efficiency, durability, and resistance to corrosion. It is suitable for various applications such as solar water heating systems for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

  1. How does the U-pipe design enhance the performance of the CPC Solar Collector XL Series?
    The U-pipe design of the CPC Solar Collector XL Series enhances performance by maximizing heat transfer efficiency. The U-shaped copper pipes increase the contact area between the heat transfer fluid and the absorber plate, allowing for more efficient heat absorption and transfer.

  2. What is the thermal efficiency of the U-pipe CPC Solar Collector XL Series?
    The exact thermal efficiency of the U-pipe CPC Solar Collector XL Series is not specified on the webpage. However, the CPC reflector and U-pipe design contribute to high thermal efficiency, ensuring effective conversion of solar energy into usable heat.

  3. Can the CPC reflector track the movement of the sun?
    The webpage does not mention whether the CPC reflector of the U-pipe CPC Solar Collector XL Series has tracking capabilities. Typically, CPC reflectors are designed to optimize sunlight capture throughout the day by focusing sunlight onto the absorber surface. However, for specific tracking capabilities, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer directly or refer to the product documentation.

  4. Is the U-pipe CPC Solar Collector XL Series compatible with different types of solar heating systems?
    Yes, the U-pipe CPC Solar Collector XL Series is compatible with various solar heating systems. Its versatility allows for integration into different types of systems, including residential, commercial, and industrial solar water heating applications.

  5. What is the expected lifespan of the U-pipe CPC Solar Collector XL Series?
    The webpage does not provide specific information about the expected lifespan of the U-pipe CPC Solar Collector XL Series. The lifespan of a solar collector can vary depending on factors such as maintenance, operating conditions, and environmental factors. It is recommended to consult with the manufacturer for more detailed information regarding the expected lifespan of the product.

CPC XL1521CPC XL1914CPC XL1918CPC XL1921
Gross area3.98 ㎡3.34 ㎡4.28 ㎡4.99 ㎡
Aperture area3.5 ㎡3 ㎡3.8 ㎡4.5 ㎡
Number of evacuated tube21141821
Outer diameter / length of evacuated tube,mmφ47/1500φ47/1920φ47/1920φ47/1920
InsulationRock woolRock woolRock woolRock wool
Efficiency based on aperture area, Solar Keymark EN1297564.2%64.2%64.2%64.2%
Annual collector energy yield under Solar Keymark, based on ISO 9806:2013  (at mean fluid temperature of 50℃, location Würzburg) kWh2455206126403078
Maximum operation pressure, Mpa0.
Stagnation temperature345℃345℃345℃345℃
Collector contents,L2.962.412.893.18
Connetion diameter, mm15151515
Allowed heat transfer mediumWaterWaterWaterWater





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