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Founded in 2001, Linuo Ritter International Co., Ltd focuses on the research and manufacture of solar thermal, solar pv, air source heat pump all together for multi- new energy system, becoming expert of solar thermal project and solar pv project.

Linuo Ritter International Co., Ltd has 4 factories, 2 factories for solar thermal products and air source heat pump, 2 factories for solar pv products. The annual capacity of products can meet the requirement of market, 3 million sets of solar thermal products, 50 thousand sets of air source heat pumps, 3 GW of solar pv modules.领动云建站

We have many laboratories and certificates, which are authorized by the professional test third party, the test report can be admitted by them. Using technical laboratories test products to control the quality of products and to provide best service to the customers.

As a specialist of integrated application of solar thermal products, solar pv modules, air source heat pump, committing to promote the development of building energy conservation and residential industrialization, vigorously advocates and continues to promote the integration of solar energy and architecture, and innovates more than 20 kinds of system technology solutions for building energy; Coupled with the advantages of solar thermal, photoelectric photovoltaic industrial clusters.
Linuo Ritter have sold many kinds of products to the customer in the world, such as solar collector, air source heat pump and solar pv modules, and we have established good reputation in both of domestic market and overseas market.


To protect our home and our generations, solar products are the tendency of the world. Sun and Air, create the beauty of world!


Linuo Ritter has 14 production lines of solar products, 4 production lines for solar thermal products, 2 production lines for air source heat pump, 8 production lines for solar PV modules.
The production line of solar PV modules is automatic and intelligent.
Solar Photovoltaic Production Line
Solar Thermal Production Line


To test the performance of products, we have set up many laboratories, such as 180kw enthalpy difference laboratory, comprehensive performance testing laboratory, overload laboratory etc. We can do overload test, performance test, life test, shock test etc.
Solar Photovoltaic Lab
Solar Thermal Lab


Quality of life of company, we must guarantee quality of every components of the products.Our QC department will inspect raw materials, and do some regarding test of them.
Solar Photovoltaic
Solar Thermal




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