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Two Types of Solar Collectors

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Two Types of Solar Collectors

A solar collector is a device that converts the sun's radiant energy into thermal energy. Since solar energy is relatively dispersed and must be concentrated somehow, collectors are a key part of various devices that utilize solar energy. Due to their different uses, there are many types of collectors and their matching system types, with different names.

Here is the content:

  • Flat plate coating

  • Heat pipe type vacuum tube

Flat plate coating

To improve the efficiency of solar collectors, the only effective way is to maintain maximum solar energy collection while minimizing its convective and radiative heat loss. The use of high-quality selective absorption coating materials and high transmittance cover materials is an important way to meet these requirements.

With the development of solar thermal technology, China's research on selective absorption materials has a history of twenty years. The development process of solar collectors is also the development process of coating technology. During this period experienced from non-selective ordinary black paint to selective lead sulfide, metal oxide coatings, black nickel, and black chromium to aluminum anodized coating, and so on generation after generation of the renewal process. With the continuous progress of coating technology, coating performance has been greatly improved. At present, China's flat plate solar collector absorption surface mainly uses aluminum strips with anodized coloring and copper strips with black chromium selective coating.

Heat pipe type vacuum tube

A vacuum tube collector is a solar collector in which the space between the heat absorber and the transparent cover is pumped into a vacuum. A water heater composed of vacuum tube collector components is a vacuum tube water heater.

Vacuum tubes can be divided into two categories according to the type of material of the heat-absorbing body: one is the glass heat-absorbing body vacuum tube (or called all-glass vacuum tube). And the other is the metal heat-absorbing body vacuum tube (called glass-metal vacuum tube). A heat pipe vacuum tube is a kind of metal heat-absorbing body vacuum tube, which is composed of main parts such as a heat pipe, heat-absorbing body, glass tube, and metal end cap.

Compared with other types of solar collectors, heat pipe vacuum tubes have the following irreplaceable advantages.

1. Frost resistance: The use of an anti-freeze type heat pipe will not freeze and crack even under the severe cold condition of -50℃.

2. Fast start-up: the heat pipe of the solar collector has a large heat capacity and can output heat after a few minutes in the sun; In cloudy and clear weather, it can produce more hot water than other water heaters.

3. No scaling: Since water does not flow directly through the vacuum tube. It avoids the problem of waterway blockage caused by scaling.

4. Good heat preservation: the heat pipe of the solar collector has the feature of one-way heat transfer so that hot water at night will not be dissipated along the heat pipe of the solar collector down to the surrounding environment.

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