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Cascade Air Source High Temp. Heat Pump Water Heater


Product Advantages

  • Industry Initiative

The first in the industry to develop an air source heat pump hot water and steam unit with maximum water output temperature of 125°C.

  • Wide Operating Range

Applicable ambient temperature -25~43℃, which can meet the demands of most regions in domestic market.

  • High Outlet Temperature

The rated water outlet temperature is 120℃, and the highest water outlet temperature is 125℃; even the ambient temperature is -25℃, the highest water outlet temperature can still reach 125℃, realizing the highest elevated temperature difference of 150℃ for a single unit.

  • Energy Efficient

Using low-grade heat in the air to produce high temperature hot water or steam, COP is 1.8 at 20℃ ambient temperature, saving 44.5% electricity compared with electric boiler.

  • Clean and Environmental-friendly

The system runs with clean power, zero pollution and no emission; the system refrigerant is R410A and R245fa, with zero ODP and combustibility, environmental-friendly and no pollution.

  • Safe & Reliable

This product adopts the indirect heating method of water and electricity separation, no hidden danger of leakage, with dozens of protection functions such as high temperature protection, high voltage protection, low temperature anti-freezing, etc., safe and reliable.

  • DC Frequency Cascade

Original initiative DC frequency conversion cascade technology in China, which can provide stable heat source for the high temperature side under different ambient temperature, and the heating capacity is no decreasing under -12℃ ring temperature.

  • Intelligent Defrosting

Adopting the domestic original air source cascade heat pump defrosting technology, no end heat is absorbed when defrosting, reducing temperature fluctuations; intelligent judgment according to ambient temperature, fin temperature, suction side temperature and evaporation pressure, realizing defrosting intelligently in time. 

  • Remote Intelligent Control

Remote intelligent control, it can use mobile phone and computer to realize remote monitoring and alarm reminding to ensure timely solution of faults, which ensures safe and stable operation of the system.






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